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Perfidia sheet music by Alberto Dominguez

Perfidia sheet music by Alberto Dominguez

Alberto Dominguez (1913 - 1975) was a Mexican songwriter. His most famous songs were Frenesi and Perfidia.

Perfidia has been recorded my many performers, and was used in a nightclub scene in the film Casablanca. This arrangement by Reinhardt Elster is in the key of C, and can be played on either lever or pedal harp. There are only 2 G# lever changes in the piece. There are only a few fingerings. Most of the piece is for advanced beginner to intermediate players, but there are some large chords near the end. Requires a harp with 2 octaves below middle C. 2 pages of music.

Click on the note icon to see a sample of the first few lines of music.

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