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Locking Display Stand for Harpsicle Harps
wooden stand Locking Harpsicle Stand

Locking Display Stand for Harpsicle Harps

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The Harpsicle® Display Stand is the perfect way to hold your Harpsicle® brand lap harp while you are not playing. Some folks even use the display stand when small children are learning to play. The Stand locks your harp into place to keep it safely upright. Minor assembly is required but we really do mean “minor” so no fear! (See the video below.)

This stand is only available in natural wood.

This stand fits the Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, Fullsicle™ and Special Edition Fullsicle™ harps.

This item ships directly from The Harpsicle Harp Company. To save money on shipping, please order this item separately.

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