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Special Edition Fullsicles Special Edition Fullsicle® :

Cherry with Full Levers - $1,245.00
Walnut with Full Levers - $1,245.00

Harpsicle Bag - $150.00
Deluxe Harpsicle Bag - $250.00

Other Options:
Ornamentation: Celtic knot, dandelion, or hummingbird (see below) - $150.00
Harpsicle Stick - oak wood - $30.00
Harpsicle Stick - cherry wood - $40.00
Harpsicle Stick - walnut wood - $40.00
Wooden Locking Harpsicle Display Stand - $50.00
Metal Adjustable Harpsicle Stand for playing while Sitting - $150.00
Metal Adjustable Harpsicle Stand for playing while Standing - $225.00
Harpsicle Hook - $20.00
Complete Extra Set of Strings - $85.00

To purchase this harp, please call Sylvia Woods at (808) 212-9525,
or email her at .
Sylvia will personally assist you in ordering your harp.

Sicle Dimensions

Sicle Range

Cherry Top

26 nylon strings. 3½ octaves. C up to G.
(1 octave below middle C, 2½ octaves above middle C)

Click here for the String Chart for this harp.

• Height: 36"
• Front to back: 21"
• Soundboard width: 5½"
• Weight 6.4 pounds

Harp Description:

Enjoy all the same great features of the Fullsicle Harp with the upgraded look, feel, and sound of the Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp. Available in beautiful elegant woods to swoon over. Your choice of solid cherry or walnut. This harp also features upgraded wound bass strings for a better feel and improved bass response.

Made in the USA by the Harpsicle® Harp Co., these harps are well designed, sturdily built, yet lightweight. They have a great sound for a small harp, and their light tension makes them easy to play. They are great for beginners, kids, harp therapy practitioners, or just for taking to the beach or the park. They will also fit in the overhead bin of most airplanes. (Check with your airline.)

The Special Edition Fullsicle's pillar and neck are made of either cherry or walnut wood, and the soundbox is Baltic birch. The "zither-type" threaded tuning pins tune smoothly. There are 2 buttons on the harp for attaching the included shoulder strap, which helps stabilize the harp when you are sitting down. The wound base strings on the Special Edition harps gives them a better tone and response than the standard 'Sicles. A 2-year warranty is included.

• Complete set of Rees sharping levers
• Tuning key
• Shoulder strap

Optional Accessories:
A Harpsicle® Stick attaches to the holes in the back of the harp, and sits on your lap, helping to keep your Special Edition Fullsicle® from sliding off while you play.

A Harpsicle® Bag ($150) or a Deluxe Harpsicle Bag ($250) to protect your harp.

We currently offer three types of Harpsicle® Stands:
Locking Wooden Display Stand ($50),
Metal Adjustable Harpsicle Stand for playing while Sitting ($150)
Metal Adjustable Harpsicle Stand for playing while Standing ($225).

You can also display your harp by hanging it on the wall with our 'Sicle Hook ($20).

NEW Ornamentation - $150
You can now order your Special Edition Fullsicle™ with beautiful laser-crafted ornamentation on the soundboard for an additional $150. You can select from three designs: an intricate Celtic Knot, a delicate hummingbird sipping nectar from flowers, or an ephemeral dandelion whispering its seeds into the wind. Ordering ornamentation will not add any additional time to your wait for your new harp.
(Harps shown in the photos are a cherry Special Edition Fullsicle with dandelion ornamentation, a walnut Special Edition Fullsicle with Celtic knot ornamentation, and a Fullsicle with hummingbird ornamentation.)


Harp Essentials Program:
Click here for information about our Essentials Program.
You can save 20% on string sets and other select harp accessories when you purchase a harp from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center.

Shipping and Insurance:
Here are the current shipping and insurance costs. These prices are subject to change without notice.
Within the continental US: $65
Alaska and Hawaii: $140
Canada: $140
Most Other Countries: $150

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that we have no control over any import or customs fees that you may be charged if we ship a harp to you outside of the United States. You should check with your country's customs office to find out these charges in advance.

Please contact me regarding current availability and time estimates for your harp.

Call me for information on our teachers program if you'd like to order 5 or more harps.

Harpsicle Harp prices on this site valid as of June 2019. Prices subject to change without notice.

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