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8241s - Folding Plastic Music Stand by Peak

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: May 23, 2005
Perfect for Musicians On the Go
Posted By: Kreig Kitts
I always hated those flimsy metal folding stands, but also disliked carrying a heavy metal stand to orchestra rehearsals. I love this stand. It has a huge desk area and is practically untippable. At the same time, it is very light and easy to carry around. I most highly recommend this for anybody who has to take a stand with them, or for home if you don't have the space to keep your music stand out when not using it.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 2, 2007
Great even if you just play at home
Posted By: Judy Anderson
I had a very budget fold up music stand and it was always tilting and leaning, with music falling off. This one is very sturdy. I love that I can put it several music books on it because of the wide shelf. That makes practice very easy. I misplaced the directions, but it was still easy to fold up when I did go to play elsewhere. (I would rate it 5 if it had directions imprinted on it.)
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 21, 2008
Heavy binders don't make it slide down
Posted By: Sue Edwards
I saw this music stand at a harp workshop, and I had to have one! I asked the woman if I could take it apart and put it back together. She didn't explain how, and I easily figured it out on my own. The telescoping legs, height, and adustable tilt desk stay where you put them even with heavy binders and books that will make my manhasset stands slide down under the weight. The tripod legs and flat desk allow for writing on your music with a pencil without knocking over or spinning the stand. It comes with a carrying case that has the perfect length straps that velcro together, so you can slip it over your shoulder and still have a hand free to carry your harp or music bag. I highly recommend this stand.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 22, 2009
Love It
Posted By: Joanna Phillips
The music stand is everything I was looking for and more. Sturdy. Easy to fold. Can easily support large music folders. And it comes with its own bag.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 14, 2010
Peak Folding Plastic Music Stand...Perfect!
Posted By: Karen Piper
This is how I practiced my harp prior to buying the Peak Music Stand: propping my music against the lamp base; even better - pulling out the drawer on the baker's rack just enough to hold the music without slipping. Then there was the time I leaned it against 2 pillows at the edge of the bed! While these ideas "worked" I have to tell you that from the first day my Peak music stand arrived I have been playing better. Music stands are important!! And this one, in my opinion, is right at the top of the list. Sturdy, durable, doesn't tilt or slip sideways, no edges sticking out to catch your harp or clothing, wide shelf to hold your music and pencil/marker, easy to turn the pages of your music. The carrying case is an added plus. This has to be one of the best.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 25, 2011
relaxing to use
Posted By: Jean Knobloch
I am a beginner harper. I had been using a 40 year old "band stand". It is a challange for me to learn and try to keep the correct hand positions as well as the other basics. My "wobbly" stand only added to my frustration. When it came, I immediately set it up and used it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It is sturdy, holds my music and books. My music does not slide to one side because of the stands poor balance. It looks professional even though I am not at that level of playing. I have recommended it to my teacher.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 3, 2011
Great for playing in a hospital
Posted By: Samantha Heatherly
I’m a therapeutic harpist studying to become a Certified Clinical Musician, who is volunteering at my local hospital. As such, I like to have equipment that is easy and quick setup and takedown to move from one assigned area to the next. This music stand is a winner! I love the fact that it is practically all in one piece, with just the little tray to slide easily in and out of place. I heartily recommend it to any therapeutic musician who may need one for special times during a hospital or hospice situation. Be warned though! If you have other musicians in the house you’ll end up having to buy more for them as well when they see how fabulous a gig stand it can be also, LOL! Thanks again for carrying such a wonderful product, Sylvia!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2011
Exactly what I needed
Posted By: Natalie Wagner
Sturdy and professional in design, this is what I needed for traveling. It sits well with the harp, and you don't have to wrestle it trying to find a place where it won't block the pedals or bump into the base. I was amazed that a plastic music stand could be so strong!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 2, 2011
Easy Portable music stand
Posted By: Kenna Reed
Location: Eureka, CA United States
I watched the video and knew immediately that this was the music stand I wanted, and it has a fair price. It is not heavy but can handle a light breeze with no problem. It won't cause wood chips and splinters on the edge of your harp like metal stands and it is variable height. The carrying case has shoulder straps, and there is even room inside the zipper case for some accessories. This music stand has it all!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 13, 2012
Highly Recommended!!!
Posted By: Elizabeth Paine
Location: Houston, TX United States
I have two of these stands myself, and I recommended this stand to everyone. I think all of my students have one now! It is easy to use, VERY sturdy, very easy to fold up, and very reasonably priced.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 27, 2013
Folding Music Stand ROCKS!
Posted By: Donna Cochrum
Location: Aliso Viejo, CA United States
Wow! What a marvelous engineering acheivement. I received my plastic folding standing this afternoon. The stand comes with a durable nylon carrying case with a long shoulder strap -- great for gigs. I found the workmanship of the tripod extremely sturdy. The plastic "desk" has a de- tachable ledge that slidss on and off -- perfect for lots of sheet music. Overall this is a sturdy durable and well-designed music stand. I rate it a 5!