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8306r - White and Yellow Rubber Accidental Rings

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 27, 2007
Colored Rings
Posted By: Jean Whitfield
These little rings are wonderful to use. I have used them when having lever changes ( especially in a fast piece) and most of all when tuning! They save so much time when placed on the tuning pegs at the Cs and Fs. I don't know how such a simple thing could be so useful!! Thanks for making my tuning easier!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 15, 2012
Great tool
Posted By: Laurie Peterson
Location: Los Osos, CA United States
These accidental rings are great, especially for beginners like me who are still getting used to fast lever changes. Worth every penny!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 18, 2013
Even the Pros need these!
Posted By: Joanna Mell
Location: Corona, CA United States
You may think that these handy little rings are just for beginners - or intermediate players. Even seasoned professionals need them, and they really came in handy during the preparation and performance of some tricky harp parts for my performance with the John Alexander Singers at the Orange County Center for Performing Arts recently. The harp parts required some quick and challenging lever changes and I used the red and blue rings to give added visibility for my C and F levers, and the yellow and white rings for the tricky flips on some of the D, E and A levers. I had to be PRECISE and FAST with the lever changes. NO fumbling. The colored rings on the levers helped immensely during the learning of the pieces and the performances especially under those pesky stage lights. I now call them my "lifesavers"! Thanks so much Sylvia for carrying these!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 14, 2015
Yellow & White Rubber Bands
Posted By: Lyle Laturno
Location: Winona, MN United States
These bands do help in being able to quickly see where a lever must be changed. Used one in Sylvia Wood's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring folk harp arrangement. Due to a blind right eye found adding a small yellow paperclip, on the tuning lever, an even greater help. Shipping makes each rubber band just over a dollar for the ten!