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p5224 - Mary Did You Know by Sylvia Woods PDF Download

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: May 8, 2010
Mary, Did You Know?
Posted By: Diane Dunn, Harpist and Author of the "Harp Mouse"
How wonderful to be able to order music and have it arrive via a PDF download in minutes! This piece came with two arrangements, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate. Both arrangements are lovely and both include very clear fingering that falls easily into your hands as well as clear lever and pedal markings. The Adv. Beginner arrangement has only has one D# lever and D# pedal change a few measures from the end. Both arrangements are easily playable and very pretty. Play the Adv Beginner arrangement first to make sure you have the timing correct, then move on to the Intermediate arrangement. When it is time to play long gigs during the holiday season, I will play both arrangements, separated by an hour or two. They are both lovely.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 25, 2015
Harder than it looks
Posted By: April
Location: hot , AR United States
I love this arrangement however, I disagree with the advanced beginner level. The notes are not hard at all but the syncopation is challenging for old ladies that are not used to playing that way. I highly recommend using a metronome to get it right. Also, it is suggested to play it at 100 which is much too fast. Listen to Mark Lowery sing it, he does it much slower with a lot of feeling.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 24, 2017
A Lovely Song
Posted By: Sarah Kay Bierle
Location: Temecula, CA United States
This beautiful song is gently arranged and has a wonderful sound. The words are absolutely lovely and very thought provoking and the arrangement is excellent. I really enjoy playing this piece on Christmas Eve or in other meditative holiday settings. A very nice addition to a repertoire! (Review originally submitted 10/31/2012.)