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p5234-a - Chanukah Music by Sylvia Woods PDF Download

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 30, 2011
Chanukah Music
Posted By: Ingrid Knecht
Hi to everyone! I bought the book 'Chanukah Music for all Harps' some months ago because I really wanted to learn to play some Jewish music. I live and work on the island Crete in Greece. When I have a day off I like to play music, sitting in one the small alleys of our old town. A lot of tourists from all over the world visit Crete and I try to have a familiar tune for all of them. The book 'Chanukah Music for all Harps' makes this music very accessible, also for people like me who had no previous experience with Jewish Music. The two different levels for each piece make it all the more interesting: the first arrangement is rather simple and the second one is more advanced. The chord symbols help me out make further arrangements to each tune, so each tune can turn into a set that lasts some minutes. I find the music in this book very exotic and I like the additional sharps in some of them, they make the music even more spicy. Although this music is actually meant for the festive days of Chanukah I love to play it for tourists in summer as well. I already got some very nice feed back from people passing by, Jewish people who were quite moved to hear their own music played on harp in the romantic settings of a historical Greek town!