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5225z - 50 Christmas Carols Products by Sylvia Woods: Book and/or CD

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 24, 2007
50 Christmas Carols for All Harps
Posted By: Nora Wu
I am so glad that I bought this book because it is both easy to play with two versions and sounding oh so beautiful. I have been playing it all year round, not just at Christmas. My husband loves to listen to it. Thanks to Sylvia.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 1, 2007
Must have!
Posted By: Anna Dunwoodie
This is one book we couldn't be without during the holidays. It is so versatile that harpers of any ability can join and make some christmas music at their own level. This is our Christmas music bible - Auckland harp get togethers at this time of the year come with a reminder "bring harp, chair, stand and SW 50 carols book". Best value for $$ as everyone knows a lot of the tunes from this book! Thanks, Sylvia!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 30, 2008
Great book!
Posted By:
I started taking harp lessons about 3 months ago and played the A arrangement (simpler version) of "Silent Night" this past Christmas. It's very exciting for a beginner harpist like myself to be able to play a Christmas song and it encourages further practice for next year, so that I may be able to play the B version as well and many more songs. I would recommend this book to both beginners and more advanced players, since it comes with both a simple version and a more difficult version of each song. The book is good quality with a pretty cover and has every Christmas song imaginable. I am very glad I bought this book!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 26, 2009
Posted By: Simone Salmon
I use this book at gigs every Christmas season. It's something no harpist should be without!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 28, 2010
Great Christmas music for Harp!
Posted By: Susan Jayne White
I started teaching myself harp two years ago and decided this year to start working on Christmas music. I am delighted to have the easy versions to be able to play now and still have the harder ones to progress to later! I am extremely pleased to have such a variety of Christmas music to work on! Thank you, Sylvia!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 3, 2010
Great Christmas gig book
Posted By: Lydia Sander
Great book for both starters and intermedete players. Very wide variety and lovely little tunes! Great for the Christmas season! Good background music for dinners too.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 28, 2011
Christmas companion
Posted By: Karen
I started learning this book alone 2 years ago. Since then my children have joined in and they now play it in Christmas carols and performances. It has certainly become our regular Christmas companion with lots of pieces to choose from that are suitable to different levels.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 19, 2011
Great for Duets!
Posted By: Audrey Joyner
I and my teacher played at an Assisted Living home for Christmas and this book was a tremendous help. Instead of having a notebook of music we practicly just played through the book. Plus, since the book as an easier and harder version for each song my teacher played the the "B" part of the song and I played the "A" part. It worked out perfectly for a duet. Thank you so much Ms. Sylvia!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 3, 2011
Loved this book through the years!
Posted By: Natalie Wagner
Location: Venice, FL United States
This is one of the first books my teacher told me to buy when I first began playing the harp 6 years ago. I've had it so long I forget that some people don't own it, it's such a wonderful book somehow I just assume it comes with the harp. Great for beginners, and as you grow you can learn the B version. And once you progress beyond that it's easy to spiff up the arrangements thanks to the chord symbols!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 3, 2011
mandatory for Christmas
Posted By: Eric Bryan
Location: Cypress, CA United States
It may still be summer time, but I have been gearing up for Christmas with this book. As with all of Sylvia's books, this one has a nice range of songs for different skill levels. The companion CD is a great learning aide, for those working on reading musical notation better. I especially liked the version of "Ihr Kinderlein Kommet," and it even includes the lyrics in German!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 25, 2011
Great book!
Posted By: Kati
Location: Richmond, KY United States
I am a beginning harpist, though I play various other instruments, and this book is really wonderful! My harp only goes to the C below middle C, and the arrangements in this book make it easy to modify the left hand so I can play all of the songs. Fingerings are included as well and they are very clear and easy to pick up. I was looking for a good Christmas book so I'd have something to play in church when December rolls around, and I have found it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 24, 2012
Love these songs!
Posted By: Olivia Claggett
Location: Newark, OH United States
I have not played many songs out of this book because I don't have the need, but I love the ones I have played. My favorite is "O Holy Night." It is a gorgeous arrangement especially for a church service!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 13, 2012
Great Book
Posted By: Jessica Slade
Location: Beaufort, SC United States
Perfect for every Christmas!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 10, 2012
My Classic Christmas Carol Book
Posted By: Sarah Kay Bierle
Location: Temecula, CA United States
Throughout the holiday season, people want to hear the old traditional Christmas carols . . . especially on a harp! In my collection of Christmas music I have the arrangements with all the glissandos, complicated finger patterns, harmonics, etc. etc. etc. But Sylvia Woods Christmas Carol book is still a favorite because of its simplicity and variety of carols. It is great for beginners to play the "easy version" and later learn the harder arrangement and it is fun for more experienced harpists to improvise. Overall, this is the Christmas Carol book that I choose to play from when people want to sing or when I need to play some carols for my own enjoyment.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 9, 2012
50 Christmas Carol Book
Posted By: Barbara Banfield
Location: Sebastian, FL United States
Wanted to tell you how much I love this book. Super fast delivery, thank you.Started to play it right away and discovered several songs that were not heard since my childhood. What wonderful memories flooded back. Not a harpist, but a keyboardist who appreciates the A & B versions giving me a lovely choice. Will enjoy this book for many years to come. Thank you Sylvia Woods.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 1, 2012
Great book!
Posted By: Elanee Smythe
Location: Hillsboro , OR United States
I really appreciate the Christmas Carols selection that is in this book. It is so special to hear and play these wonderful exaltations of our glorious Savior. "For unto us a child is born unto us a Son is given" Isaiah 9:6
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 11, 2012
a lifesaver!
Posted By: Faye Fishman
Location: Randolph, NJ United States
This book was a lifesaver. I was called to play background for a holiday event that was to be in one week. I hadn't looked at holiday material as I had no calls. But because I had 50 Christmas Carols on hand I pulled it out and tried each one. Because there are easy and more difficult arrangements I could pick the easy one and because of the guitar chords I could improvise. It was great; I added holiday melodies and they told me afterwards that they liked the selection of melodies. So thanks. This should be a basic book to have.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 18, 2014
Wonderful for Multiple Levels
Posted By: AshMac
Location: Tallahassee, FL United States
These are all the old favorites and then some! I like that there are easier arrangements for novices like me and more challenging arrangements as something to strive for. Bravo, Sylvia Woods! You've done it again!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 21, 2017
Posted By: Lisa Harper
Location: Charleston, SC United States
I bought this book and absolutely love it. So many great tunes to play and I love that the words are included. I can't recommend it enough!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2019
Good variety
Posted By: L Cumming
Location: Camrose, AB Canada
Lovely book with a variety of songs. I appreciate two version, one easy, one harder.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2019
Variety; Sing-a-long; easy/adv side by side
Posted By: Sharon Oppedisano
Location: Miami , FL United States
The variety of popular Christmas music in this book can be used in any venue for all ages: hospital, senior living, dinner music, church, sing-a-longs for young children to elderly. Beginner/adv side by side allows starting with beginner, and ending with advanced, or going back and forth within the song. It is extremely well written and notated. I have used it as a beginner and as a more advanced player, as well in a harp group where harpists of varying levels could play different parts of the scripts.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2019
Great for all levels
Posted By: Nicky Lyons
Location: Denver, CO United States
This book is so fun to play! The two versions of the songs make it easy for even newer players to add some holiday music to their repertoire. This one is a must-have!