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830z - Color Rings for C & F Tuning Pins or Levers

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Apr 15, 2005
They're fantastic!
Posted By: S.G.S.
I LOVE my rings! They make it so easy to find my levers, when I'm playing in low-light situations, or on stage. I've always loved by Loveland levers, but now I love them even more!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 6, 2008
No Longer Need to Rob My Kid's Orthodontist for Colored Bands!
Posted By: N & E
What a lifesaver! How many times do you see students learning to tune and they just don't get the tuning key on the right peg? Off by just one, and then B A N G !! They pop a string since they don't realize they are "tuning" a neighbor note by mistake. These little colored rings are ingenious. So simple and incredibly helpful. Especially great for larger pedal harps when you can't see over the neck to tune a low note. No more counting pins to insure you are tuning the correct string. I know lever harp folks enjoy them too. Perfect gift for a beginner and a professional. Easy to install and last a lifetime. Why aren't they standard issue with all harps? For less than 10 bucks you can treat yourself and save yourself lots of aggravation. How great is that?!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: May 7, 2010
Frustration SAVER!
Posted By: Jennifer Kranjec
I have just purchased these GREAT rings for my brand new nylon harp - I have only ever played on a wire strung harp before, and you tune it at the front. I do find it so much easier to find my C and F strings for tuning with these rings! Because tuning my harp from the back gets me confused to which string I will be tightening, it's frustrating when I tune the wrong string and it snaps! This makes the chore of tuning a whole lot less stressful! Excellent idea! I HIGHLY recommend these coloured rings if you are like me, having to search out which string to tune to what note! They will save you replacing strings and save you money! I even bought a second set for my levers as well, not to mention the yellow and white Accidental rings too!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 1, 2010
Am now a happy tuner
Posted By: GP
Before getting these rings, tuning my pedal harp took a long time. More time was spent counting the tuning pegs (you know what I mean... C, D, E, F... Oh THERE'S the G!!!) than actually tuning the harp. Tuned for the first time today with the new rings and I couldn't believe how much faster it went. I've been lazy about tuning every time I practice but now tuning is (almost) a joy. A simple but totally genius invention!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 22, 2012
Perfect For Beginners
Posted By: Tami
Location: Salt Lake City, UT United States
These are perfect for those who are new to the harp. When I was first learning, I put them on the back side of my levers so that I could tune correctly. I really suggest these for the beginner especially.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 8, 2012
Glad I bought these!!!
Posted By: Jeane Jaramillo
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States
I had these added to the new Dusty Strings harp I purchased from Sylvia. I went with the black and red, and I love them!! I can easily see which lever is which. I also put them on the tuning pins. What a difference in time spent tuning!! I also put them on my pedal harp and that has changed my life!! No more standing there counting the tuning pins to figure out which is the right one. I am now much more inclined to fine tune mid practice, because it is effortless.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 9, 2012
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!
Posted By: Donna Adams-Profeta
Location: Ballston Lake, NY United States
Who knew that something so small could make such a difference?? I purchased 2 sets each of the accidental rings and the C and F rings (for my 36-string Hummingbird Lupine and my 31-string Kortier Wrenfaire) and I'm THRILLED!! My vision hasn't been the greatest of late and even though I had special glasses made, I've had a hard time picking out the correct lever to flip for accidentals. Since putting on the rings, my accuracy has improved dramatically! Plus I'm much less likely to mis-set a lever when changing keys between pieces and it makes tuning a breeze as well. My only caveat would be that I wish the C and F rings were as thick as the accidental rings. They're just slightly less easy to see, because they're thinner. Still...they're a vast improvement over wrapping the levers with little pieces of white tape and putting a colored circle on the side with markers...which is what I had been doing. THANK YOU!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 18, 2013
Even the Pros need these!
Posted By: Joanna Mell
Location: Corona, CA United States
You may think that these handy little rings are just for beginners - or intermediate players. Even seasoned professionals need them, and they really came in handy during the preparation and performance of some tricky harp parts for my performance with the John Alexander Singers at the Orange County Center for Performing Arts recently. The harp parts required some quick and challenging lever changes and I used the red and blue rings to give added visibility for my C and F levers, and the yellow and white rings for the tricky flips on some of the D, E and A levers. I had to be PRECISE and FAST with the lever changes. NO fumbling. The colored rings on the levers helped immensely during the learning of the pieces and the performances especially under those pesky stage lights. I now call them my "lifesavers"! Thanks so much Sylvia for carrying these!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 20, 2017
Red Blue Rubber Rings - Best Purchase Ever!
Posted By: Mary Garvey
Location: Shiocton, WI United States
I have purchased a couple of sets of the red and blue rubber rings from Sylvia. They are a must have! Makes tuning your harp SO much easier with these rings. I use them on the back of the tuning pins and also on the levers!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2019
Money Saver
Posted By: Susan
Location: Redmond, OR United States
When I first tuned the strings of my harp, I accidentally tightened the wrong string while plucking at another. These rings are a money saver! Along with the Snark Tuner, these rings have helped me tune each string correctly, without the dreaded "snap".
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2019
Tuning made easy!
Posted By: Laure Smith
Location: Winchester, KY United States
These colored rings make tuning so much easier. You'll make no mistakes tuning the wrong string. They look nice on the harp. I've seen other harpist color their tuning pegs with nail polish -- oh no! These tuning rings are so much nicer and look professional.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 6, 2019
very helpful for the blind
Posted By: Sharlene
Location: Bend, OR United States
I am a blind harp player, and I find these rings very helpful. I have one on each of the D, E and A tuning pins of my harp. I can't see the colors, but I can feel the rings, so I never get mixed up when tuning.