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1213z - The Harp of Brandiswhiere CD by Sylvia Woods

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: May 1, 2005
A Masterpiece!
Posted By: Monica Strout
Sylvia Woods' Harp of Brandiswhiere is a masterpiece. Each song takes you through a wonderful journey, away from the worries of the world and to the magical world of the harp and celtic music. With each song, Sylvia Woods takes you through an exciting adventure, stimulating both the heart and mind, while continuing to inspire. Her music is not only a part of our home, but is an intergral part of our lives. Thank you for making such beautiful music!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 26, 2007
This is why I play the harp
Posted By: Gwen
If there is one reason why I play the harp today, it is because of a little cassette tape that was played to death by my brothers and I when we were children. I was completely enthralled with The Harp of Brandiswhiere. A story told in music, it is happy, sad, dramtic, romantic and triumphant. Although Sylvia Woods is accompanied by other instruments, the harp always has center stage. The album is wonderful inspiration of all harpers, whether they actually play yet or not. I still enjoy listening to it. To me, it's the harp at its best."