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8302e - Snark "Super-Tight" ST-2 Clip Electronic Tuner

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 22, 2011
My favorite tuner
Posted By: Lisa Lynne
I discovered the Snark tuner just a few months ago, and its my favorite that I have ever used. Its small and sturdy, has excellent response and the dial is easy to read indoors or outdoors in the sun. It clips anywhere on the harp, and is easy and fast to take off and move around to other instruments, where it works equally as well. I like it because of its size, and there are several places on the harp that it can be easily clipped and works just as well. I like to even keep it on the front column and leave it there while recording, so I can constantly see where the needle is at. I recommend this tuner for anyone.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 22, 2011
I love this tuner
Posted By: Aryeh Frankfurter
I've used other clip on tuners, but the Snark has proven to be the best one I have used thus far. The display has a backlight which is quite bright which is great when you are in dark places (e.g., on stage) and need to tune, or if is too bright out like in the sun, it is still so bright that can see the display in any condition. The display is mounted on a thin 2 inch ""pole"" which swivels in any direction allowing you to adjust it to face any direction. The clip is sturdy and can be clipped on the back holes of the soundbox or if you have a ""lip"" on your pillar (like many Dusty Strings and Triplett's) you can mount it there too. Unobtrusive so you can leave it there without worry or it getting in the way. The tuner is quite sensitive and so far it has been able to detect almost all the octaves of my instruments. I've had clip on ""digital"" tuners which have been too crude for my tastes and not sensitive enough. The Snark uses a needle to show you if you are in tune (fully chromatic), and I find it to be quite accurate. I have been using it exclusively now and I love it. I highly recommend this tuner
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 3, 2011
This is the BEST!
Posted By: Peggy Chinn
I have tried many tuners, and this is totally the best. Small, compact, and it gives a very accurate reading that makes it relatively easy to get the strings "right on". I had to change to the "mic" setting for the high strings, but it still gave me a very clear reading. And, it is totally portable - I can also use it for my dulcimer, my ukelele, and of course all my friends now want to have one!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 9, 2011
My new favorite tuner!
Posted By: Diane Dunn
This new little SNARK tuner is the best. I was able to quickly tune both my pedal harp and lever harp. One of the great features is that even though the string being tuned may still be vibrating, the tuner soon stops picking up the sound and is ready for the next string. I was able to tune both harps very quickly because I was not waiting for a needle to stop moving after tuning each string. It does not seem to pick up any overtones either. I love it and I'm glad I bought an extra one to give to a harpist friend.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 14, 2011
Posted By: Rosey Brumm
Thank you Sylvia this is a dream tuner. It is all the things everyone says small, bright crisp screen you can place on any angle, attach to the harp ( or harp stand) or to the music stand or thumb! Great in Vibration or Microphone mode, it is fast to find the exact note. I love the visual metronome and it sits at hand, whilst playing making it so easy to do a quick check when a note sounds odd, especially a new string or harp! I have to add that I have 5 tuners, Vibration Microphone, clip ons, stick on etc and so many struggle to get the large fat bass notes correct and then the metal bass strings. So I can now tune by Troubadour VI, Dusty FH36S, Dusty Crescendo 34, and County Cork in minutes.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 3, 2011
I love my Snark!
Posted By: Brenda Bowen Cox
Location: Goshen, AR United States
I love my SNARK. I purchased it at the Harp Gathering this past May in Ohio. It was inexpensive as far as harp equipment goes, and it has already paid for itself many times over. I love its small size which is always a plus, especially when I play at the hospital where I need to keep everything compact and contained. And it is very accurate, allowing me to be in tune with other instruments at sessions. The company is very easy to deal with as well. I accidentally knocked the head of the tuner off the post after my husband borrowed the SNARK to tune his violin. I emailed the company and they instructed me to mail it to them for a replacement. Sure enough, they replaced it, just like that. I can sincerely and enthusiastically recommend this product.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 2, 2011
Spectacular Tuner!
Posted By: Peggy Coats
Location: Portland, OR United States
My (unnamed) old-faithful electronic tuner refused to pick up the higher tones on my wire harp. After reading about the Snark SN-2 on some of the harp discussion lists, I decided to give it a try. When I first opened it I was a little disconcerted at the shape and wasn't sure it would stay on and actually work. But I quickly discovered that the neck and head are adjustable and the clip can go just about anywhere: sound hole (if it's big enough), tuning pin (not the being tuned!) or even lever. Once I got the hang of bending and clipping, I fell in love. The sensitivity of the tuner is amazing, particularly for those very high notes in the upper treble. The display is large, colorful, and very easy to read. I'm now using it on my lever harp as well. Bravo Snark!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 3, 2011
The only tuner I'll buy from now on.
Posted By: Caitlyn Bowser
Location: Montreal, AL Canada
This is a fantastic tuner. The best I've ever used, in 20 years worth of tuning cranky instruments, and the only tuner I'll buy from now on. It's absolutely perfect for my lever harp. It clips on to the instrument easily, the face swivels so you can see it no matter what your angle, and the ability to switch between mic and vibration mode means I can tune every string accurately, almost anywhere. The display is bright enough in all lighting conditions, and the graphics make precise tuning a breeze. I find it also performs much better than any of my previous tuners in situations with large amounts of background noise, which has always been a hassle for me. Small, well designed and worth every penny. Way to go Snark!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 9, 2011
a no-brainer
Posted By: Thomas Whitaker
Location: Irving, TX United States
The Snark SN-2 beats anything in our big pile of varied and expensive tuners. Superior readout display, even in a dark room; sustained display - it holds the reading long enough for adjustments, unlike our other tuners; and quick response to tuning changes make this choice a "no brainer" for harp, hammered dulcimer or guitar. Inexpensive enough for redundant units for different equipment cases. Time saved tuning, even in an environment of other harpists/players, is phenomenal. You'll be wanting your own dealership!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 19, 2012
Posted By: Pietra
Location: Melbourne, Australia
This is excellent on my harp. I found that it clips well onto the back of my Ayoama Delphi Concert Grand, and I can see it from wherever. I have found that it works with every instrument, and all of my guitarist friends have used it to tune up in noisy environments. The only problem that I have with it is that it does not pick up the lowest notes on my harp, neither on the vibration or the microphone setting. Apart from that, it works well.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 24, 2012
Snark Tuner is the Greatest
Posted By: Vicki Alden
Location: Maquoketa, IA United States
I own two other tuners, but this is, hands down, my favorite. It is easy to use, clipping to the back of my harp (without harming the finish), and easy to see while plucking the strings. I highly recommend this little tuner.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 20, 2012
this little gem is wonderful
Posted By: Alice Grove
Location: Cincinnati, OH United States
I want to thank you for offering the SNARK tuner. Everything about this little gem is wonderful. It almost tunes the harp for you. It does not take up a lot of room in a gig bag and the lighted face can be seen in any kind of lighting. This is especially nice when playing in a dimly lit venue. Love it! Thank you.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: May 17, 2012
Best Tuner Ever
Posted By: Olivia Diamond
Location: Whitefish, MT United States
This is the best tuner I have ever had. All the others have problems with the higher strings registering. No problem with the Snark. The color digital display is very readable and the clip-on feature makes tuning very easy. Get this one!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 14, 2013
Posted By: Kathleen Ford
Location: Rockville, MD United States
I just received this tuner today and absolutely love it. It's so easy to read and has a metronome on board, which is so convenient. I live in the middle of a busy city and there's a lot of ambient noise, but on vibration mode, that's not an issue. Great buy!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 13, 2013
Tunes highest notes easily!
Posted By: Sharon Oppedisano
Location: Honeoye Falls, NY United States
The highest notes on my Lyon and Healy Prelude tune easily every time with the Snark! It's so easy to view the tuner and metronome in all light conditions. I like being able to use a silent metronome so easily.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 20, 2017
I Love My Tuner
Posted By: Susan
Location: Redmond, OR United States
I love the Snark Super-Tight ST-2 Clip Tuner. It helps me to get each string in tune.