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sicle - Harpsicle Harps

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 14, 2007
A perfect beginning
Posted By: Gwen
After plucking around with a low-quality, frustrating Pakistani rosewood harp, I knew that there had to be something better. When I read about the Tasty Harp line, I decided to give it a try. There is no cheaper or better way to get into playing the harp. The harpsicles and sharpsicles are light, fun, and well-made. They are perfect for just about anyone. Even though I have a big harp now, I have no intention of giving up my grape-flavored sharpsicle, it is good for travel and more casual settings. If you are going to try out the harp, do yourself a favor. Ignore the low-quality "harps", spend just a few dollars more and buy something is the Tasty Harp line. You will be glad you did.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 14, 2007
Love My Harpsicle
Posted By: F.S.
I Love my Harpsicle. It has a superb tone for such a little guy and for such a low cost.I first saw one at a friend's house and was immediately struck by the largeness of the sound as compared to the compactness and light weight of the harp. I don't know how on earth you make such a lovely little instrument for so low a price but it is a wonderful way for anyone who doesn't know for sure if they want to learn the harp or not to try one out without breaking the bank. In my case, I already have 2 other harps but wanted an easily transportable and inexpensive one for taking camping (I get jealous listening to the proverbial guitars around the campfire and wanted a harp around the campfire) across country and in the Rockies. Imagine the sound of the harpsicle winging across the high peaks of Glacier National Park. Thanks for a great product!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 18, 2008
A Very Fine Harp
Posted By: Erin Brush
I truly love my Sharpsicle! While I have some beautiful and outstanding harps from Caswell and Dusty Strings, I often find myself coming back to my Sharpsicle. This instrument has amazing tone, is wonderfully portable and I can play all my favorite music on it. This is the best harp I have found for the price and I highly recommend it to both beginners and seasoned harp players looking for a very portable, high quality instrument.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 6, 2009
The Harp For Everybody!
Posted By: Jennifer Barrett
Don't let the small price tag, bright colors, or portability fool you; this is a real harp, with surprising sound and playabiilty. Because of joint problems, I had to let my big harp go several years ago. Sylvia suggested a harpsicle, so I wouldn't be entirely bereft--and I have been so glad she did. This is the friendliest little harp. Not only does it swing easily into the arms, or snuggle comfortably in the lap, the string tension is so gentle that my fingers will still be plucking happily for years to come.