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grand - Grand Harpsicle (Grandsicle) Harps

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 18, 2011
Truly Grand
Posted By: Jerry Hilo, HI US
The perfect solution for someone looking for compact harp with an extended range. I'm a beginning harp player with limited experience with harps so I can't compare the sound quality with other harps but, to me, it sounds great–and that's without amplification. The Harpsicle Harp people say it's been used at weddings and at jazz, rock and new age venues so I look foward to experimenting in the future. For now I'll continue using it in the acoustic mode.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 19, 2011
What a Treat!
Posted By: Judy Yamada
Location: Pasadena, CA United States
I wanted a reasonably-priced, good-sized harp for a second location. This is just terrific! I can use the acoustic mode for practice or use the amp to blast the neighbors. I asked Cris to custom paint a mermaid on the metallic blue frame which is wonderful and I just made a dust cover using metallic green "mermaid scales" fabric with a "bubbles" flannel lining. I am SO happy with this harp.