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p5225-a - 50 Christmas Carols by Sylvia Woods PDF Download

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 31, 2012
iPad Friendly!
Posted By: Donna Germano
Location: Weaverville, NC United States
I just downloaded my favorite Christmas gig book in PDF format for my new iPad. I have long since worn out the hard copy of the book, 50 Christmas Carols. I often use the songs as a lead sheet and can fill the time easily. I was amazed how beautifully it came through on my iPad. I have already cropped some pages right on the iPad to give me the largest view possible of that particular page. I'm still learning to use the iPad but I figured out how to bookmark the table of contents. Then you can see the page number, slide your finger on the bottom of the screen and jump to whatever page you need! Because the screen of the iPad is not as large as a standard music book it isn't ideal for all arrangements. But for Sylvia's Christmas book it works great! I know I'll be bringing the hard copy as well but maybe some day I'll have confidence to leave it in the car!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 11, 2012
a lifesaver
Posted By: Faye Fishman
Location: Randolph, NJ United States
This book was a lifesaver. I was called to play background for a holiday event that was to be in one week. I hadn't looked at holiday material as I had no calls. But because I had 50 Christmas Carols on hand I pulled it out and tried each one. Because there are easy and more difficult arrangements I could pick the easy one and because of the guitar chords I could improvise. It was great; I added holiday melodies and they told me afterwards that they liked the selection of melodies. So thanks. This should be a basic book to have.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 18, 2014
Wonderful for Multiple Levels
Posted By: AshMac
Location: Tallahassee, FL United States
These are all the old favorites and then some! I like that there are easier arrangements for novices like me and more challenging arrangements as something to strive for. Bravo, Sylvia Woods! You've done it again!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 22, 2017
Posted By: Lisa Harper
Location: Charleston, SC United States
I bought this book and absolutely love it. So many great tunes to play and I love that the words are included. I can't recommend it enough!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2019
Variety; Sing-a-long; easy/adv side by side
Posted By: Sharon Oppedisano
Location: Miami, FL United States
The variety of popular Christmas music in this book can be used in any venue for all ages: hospital, senior living, dinner music, church, sing-a-longs for young children to elderly. Beginner/adv side by side allows starting with beginner, and ending with advanced, or going back and forth within the song. It is extremely well written and notated. I have used it as a beginner and as a more advanced player, as well in a harp group where harpists of varying levels could play different parts of the scripts.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2019
Great for all levels
Posted By: Nicky Lyons
Location: Denver, CO United States
This book is so fun to play! The two versions of the songs make it easy for even newer players to add some holiday music to their repertoire. This one is a must-have!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2019
good variety
Posted By: L Cumming
Location: Camrose, AB Canada
Lovely book with a variety of songs. I appreciate two version, one easy, one harder.