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p5960a - Groovy Songs of the 60s by Sylvia Woods PDF Download

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2018
Feel Good Favorites
Posted By: Jessica M Gallo
Location: Seattle, WA United States
This book has been a hit in the cancer center where I play the harp weekly. Patients are tapping their toes and humming along to Surfer Girl and Feeling Groovy. One patient said, "These songs always make me feel so good - thank you!" Thank you Sylvia for once again doing a great job collecting all these great favorites and arranging them so nicely.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2018
Something for Everyone
Posted By: Michelle
This book has a huge variety of songs, and I think anyone would find at least a handful they'd enjoy playing. Most of the songs are arranged at an intermediate level, but there are a few "instant gratification" type pieces as well, which is nice. "A Groovy Kind of Love" and "A Lover's Concerto" are easy and cute played together as suggested in the book. Overall I've most enjoyed "Bookends," "End of the World," and "Nights in White Satin." And for whatever reason the fan favorite in my household has ended up being "Mr. Bojangles," which is quite fun to play.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2018
Groovy Fun!!
Posted By: Laura Porter
Location: Fresno, CA United States
A favorite client hired me to play at her 60th birthday party. We discussed customizing the music to her era, and she said "That sounds fun..." Of course I had Sylvia's 'Groovy' book in mind when I made that suggestion. On her big day, I played from this book with fun results! People would dance, or tap their feet, some even sang along! They all thought that it was amazing to hear these great songs on the harp. I found the arrangements to be among the very best that Sylvia has offered. They were easy to read and the accompaniments to these familiar melodies were easy and delightful to manage, which allows the essence of each song to come across really nicely on the harp. Like I said: it got people dancing, tapping their feet and singing along. Were that all my gigs were so much fun!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2018
Blast from the past!!
Posted By: Jeane Jaramillo
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States
As a beginner of a certain age, I remember all of these songs!! It has been wonderful to go through the book and see so many songs that I love. These songs sound beautiful on the harp, and I have enjoyed playing around with them all. My Grandkids like "Puff the Magic Dragon" best. Even if you didn't grow up with this music, you will enjoy playing these songs. It is a great collection of music for anyone.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 19, 2019
Feelin' Groovy Indeed!
Posted By: Martha Dahlen
Location: San Jose, CA United States
The book has a varied selection of almost 50 songs in arrangements that are simple yet stunning. The music flows easily. Hearing these old tunes coming (magically) to life from under my fingers can put me into tears! I recommend this book for anyone who grew up with, and loved, 60s music. Also, in writing this review I have discovered two pages of "Sixties Fun Facts" in the back of the book, which is delightful--and typical of Sylvia's ability to put music into context.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Apr 4, 2020
Groovy Songs for Groovy Celebrations!
Posted By: Wendy
Location: VA United States
The "Groovy Songs of the 60s" songbook is always a hit at every harp event for which I have played, from weddings, to graduation receptions, to holiday parties, people at every occasion comment about how much they love hearing these songs! Ms. Sylvia Woods has a true talent for making beautiful arrangements of popular songs that will be sure to set the mood for any party! All of her songbooks are absolutely lovely & refined, but it is these '60s songs, particularly, which seem to put an extra spring in the step of each and every party guest, wherever I perform! A must have, to treat yourself and everyone around you! :)