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5575b - Fireflies sheet music arranged by Sylvia Woods

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 11, 2013
Glad this is available!
Posted By: Jennifer Buehler
Location: Lincoln, NE United States
This is a really fun song. My kids love singing along to it as I play. The syncopated rhythms take a little work to play right but the notes aren't hard.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Apr 20, 2013
Posted By: Alicia Ellsworth
Location: Bakersfield, CA United States
I was so thrilled to find this piece available for the harp! The rhythms are so fun and a good challenge for my teen students that want something 'popular' to play. Thank you for including fingerings. This is a fun addition to my performance repertoire as well. Keep them coming Sylvia!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 28, 2013
Perfect Song
Posted By: Belle Coty
Location: Grand Rapids, MI United States
I loved this music! Whenever I am asked to play for the family coming into town this is the perfect song!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 6, 2013
This piece brings a tear to my eyes.
Posted By: Kathryn Saul
Location: Malaga, ZZ United States
I am having to work very hard at this because I've only had my harpsicle two months, but I find it so much more rewarding to put the time into something I love to hear rather than 'just the next piece in the book.' I find listening to the part I'm trying to get to grips with much easier if I listen to the recording on the website a few times alternating with my practice.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jun 22, 2014
LOVE this song!
Posted By: Mianna Galbraith
Location: Sugar, ID United States
Love love LOVED this song!!