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5209s - Gecko Tails book and CD Set by Sylvia Woods

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 10, 2005
Great repertiore music!
Posted By: LM
I'm so glad that I decided to buy this book/CD. I hadn't expected music written in honor of geckos to be so beautiful! The CD is nice listening all on it's own, and the pieces are fun to learn. I'm not quite intermediate level, but with good practice the music is attainable for me. I hope to learn the entire suite and keep it in my repertiore. This would be ideal to perform for children, maybe with a little fun talk about geckos.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 18, 2011
Beautiful songs!
Posted By: Natalie Wagner
Location: Venice, FL United States
After seeing Sylvia's video on youtube about this book I decided to buy it, and it now has some of my favorite performance pieces in it! I highly advise buying this book to add some quirky and some beautiful songs to your repertoire.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 12, 2012
Great Music
Posted By: Jeane Jaramillo
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States
This book and CD is such a great value!! The CD is just great for listening all on its own AND you get the book of all this great music!! I absolutely love playing these songs. They are very fun and they add a new element of the modes to my music. My "Gecko Stroll" is still somewhat of a "crawl," since I am still a beginner, but it is still great fun to play. Thank you Sylvia, I love this music!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 7, 2013
Gecko Tails !
Posted By: Scott Ashby
Location: Truro, United Kingdom
Sylvia, when I play your Gecko music I feel so peaceful and content. Dancing in Waterfalls is my favourite - I have been struggling emotionally lately and this whole book is a hug of nature, its beautiful! Thank you x
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 13, 2018
E flat tunings included!
Posted By: Jennifer
Location: Lincoln, NE United States
I've loved this piece ever since I first heard it but didn't think I could play it in E flat tuning. So happy to see that there is an E flat version of the Gecko Stroll. Love the jazzy sounding melody!