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5877b - Beauty and the Beast book by Sylvia Woods

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 10, 2007
Beauty and the Beast
Posted By: Suzanne K. Atkins
This is a real beauty of a set of arrangements!! As a beginning harpist, I have found the Easy harp solo to be within my capabilities. But I had my instructor at a recent harp seminar play the advanced harp solo. One in our group added the flute part, and I find myself inspired to practice, practice, practice to be able to advance to this piece. But besides having a beautiful piece which I can manage, the booklet is just about the most complete set I've seen with material for easy or advanced harp solo, vocal, high instrumental AND low instrumental; and all of those scores available in the key of C AND G. Lots of options for performance at a wedding or a concert, or just for your enjoyment.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 23, 2017
So lovely!
Posted By: Emily
Location: Barto, PA United States
Another wonderful arrangement by Sylvia! I play the advanced solo, and it flows so beautifully and serenely. Playing it transports me back to childhood when Beauty And The Beast was my favorite princess movie!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2019
Posted By: Chrissy Luders
Location: Lihue, HI United States
I just love playing this piece for myself and others -- but mostly myself! It's such a peaceful lilting song that brings good to your mind. We all need more peace and good. Thank you for a beautiful arrangement.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2019
Nice sheet music
Posted By: Lex
Location: Laie, HI United States
Never get tired of playing this song with its arrangement!