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Mildred Dilling

A student of the legendary Henriette Renie, Mildred Dilling was a legend in her own right. This American grande dame of the harp performed for five U.S. Presidents, and taught Harpo Marx. Mildred Dilling performed throughout the world. At the height of her career she is said to have traveled 30,000 miles and given 85 concerts a year. She lived to be 88, and continued to perform until shortly before her death. Dilling also conducted harp workshops at colleges and universities, including a series of master classes at UCLA.

Vintage Mildred Dilling Video
This amazing 10 minute film was made in 1940 when Mildred Dilling was 47. It was made to be shown as a short before the main feature in a movie theater. She talks about the harp and plays three selections.

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