Reading Music on Your iPad

Reading Music on Your iPad

PLEASE NOTE: The videos on this page by Janet Lanier are for 4.0 and OLDER versions of forScore. Instructions for more recent versions can be found on the forScore support page at
Even though they are now out of date, I am leaving Janet Lanier's excellent videos here on this page to give you examples of some of the things you can do with this program. But please check the forScore site for up-to-date instructions on the current version.

A lot of the printed music we sell is also available as PDF downloads. There are many advantages to buying music this way, including the fact that you get the music immediately, and there are no shipping charges.iPad

Another plus is that you can download the music onto your iPad. Click here to read an article by our customer Donna Germano with helpful hints and instructions on how to do this.

Harpist Janet Lanier has created excellent YouTube videos showing how to download and read music on your iPad using the app called forScore. She has kindly allowed us to present her videos here. (See videos below.) I highly recommend them!

Here's Janet's explanation from her website.

The app for iPad called forScore has been great to use on my harp jobs. I can load PDFs of my music or take a picture of a music page and read it in forScore. I can also make markings on the page with different colored pens and highlighters. I've created many setlists or program lists in forScore too.  There are many great features in this app.  I've enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a series of video tutorials to help others see the ease of this app.  There are 4 tutorials here.  I hope these videos will be of help to you.  Below is the summary of the content of each of these video and time settings to help you find specific information quickly. - Janet Lanier

Tutorial 1
Will the iPad work for my music reading?
Distance Factor  0:32
Harp Desk and number of strings 0:55
Backlighting on iPad 1:13
Brief overview of Settings in forScore 1:32
Tap areas for turning pages and bringing up the Navigation Bar 1:50
Short help preview of each setting 2:18
Gestures 2:54
Page Transitions 3:23
How to get a PDF from the computer to forScore on the iPad 3:58
Email an attachment 4:07
Dropbox 5:17

Tutorial 2
How to manage the library in forScore
 Composer list 0:41
 Title list and Metadata boxes 1:10, 3:20, and 3:42
 Batch Edits 2:44
 Setlists 4:21
 Manual ordering of setlists 5:45

Tutorial 3
Page turns 0:13
Annotations 2:05
Stylus 2:52
Stamps 3:19
Pens 4:42
Erase 6:44
Highlighters 7:06
Overlay Feature 8:18
White markers 9:05
Organizing your pens 9:52
Type 10:32
Clear the screen markings 12:48
Snapshot 13:16

Tutorial 4
Darkroom (taking a picture of a score) 0:17
Rearrange page order 2:47
Cropping 3:39
Metronome 4:52
Automatic page turns 8:48
Note tablet 9:30
Pitch 10:57
Built-in Piano 13:14
Built-in Manual 14:15

Tutorial 5
How to create and import stamps. Includes websites where you can get free collections of music symbols and IPAs in PNG format to import into forScore.

Be sure to get some of the extra stamps I have created mostly with harp symbols but a few for non-harpists too on this page:
Free Additional Stamps for forScore