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Harp-e-Cards: Angels

To create a new Harp-e-Card, follow these easy steps.
#1. Select a picture below by clicking on the circle above the image you'd like.
#2. Scroll down below the pictures to personalize your Harp-e-Card.
You can add music, a heading, a message, and a signature closing (e.g. "Sincerely").
#3. Enter your name and e-mail address, as well as the name and e-mail of the recipient.
#4. Click "Submit" to preview your Harp-e-Card. Your card will open, and you will hear the music you've selected.
If you want to make any changes, select the "Click to Edit More" button, which will take you back to your options.
(If everything you selected disappears when you go back, you've probably set your browser "back" to clear the cache.)
#5. Once you're happy with the preview, you can choose when you'd like the card to be sent. You can send it "now," or any time up to 30 days.
#6. Click "Send this Harp-e-Card" and your card will be on its way!
You'll receive notification when your Harp-e-Card has been opened.

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pastel angel with lyre

brown angel with lyre

purple angel

angel in circle

catalog angel

Apollo angel

carefree angel

green angel

pastel angel

angel in purple star

waving angel

man angel

black angel on cloud

male angel head

crazy angel

blonde angel

standing male angel

purple angel

angel with castle

angel with blue dress

brown angel

angel juggling harps

angel on cloud 

pink angel with harp

angel in suit

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