What is an E-Gift Certificate?

An E-Gift Certificate is a gift certificate purchased on www.harpcenter.com, e-mailed to the purchaser and recipient, and redeemable for purchases on the Sylvia Woods Harp Center website, www.harpcenter.com.

Purchasing an E-Gift Certificate

How do I purchase an E-Gift Certificate?
Go to the E-Gift Certificate product page, and fill in the recipient's e-mail address. You can choose any dollar amount you'd like in the Value field. Click the "Add to Cart" button to add it to your order. You can then continue shopping or go right to the checkout page.
When you checkout, you'll be given the opportunity to add a gift message to the certificate. Please be sure to do this, so the recipient will know who is sending them this great gift!

What happens next?
A few minutes after you complete your order through our website, we will automatically send two e-mails that include the E-Gift Certificate and the key code needed to redeem the certificate. The first e-mail goes to the e-mail address that you specified as the "Bill To" e-mail at checkout. The second e-mail will be sent to the "recipient's e-mail address" you entered on the E-Gift Certificate product page.

Are E-Gift Certificates taxable?
You do not have to pay tax when you purchase an E-Gift Certificate. However, when the E-Gift Certificate is redeemed for products, there will be tax if the order is being shipped to an address in Hawaii or Minnesota.

Is there a shipping charge for an E-Gift Certificate?
No, there is no shipping charge for an E-Gift Certificate because it will be e-mailed to the recipient. It will not be sent through the postal service. However, when the E-Gift Certificate is redeemed for products, our normal shipping charges will apply.

Can I add more money to an E-Gift Certificate I previously purchased for a friend?
No. However, you can always purchase a new E-Gift Certificate for them!

Redeeming an E-Gift Certificate

What can I buy with my E-Gift Certificate?
Your Sylvia Woods Harp Center E-Gift Certificate is good for payment towards any item(s) that we sell at www.harpcenter.com. If you would like to use your E-Gift Certificate to pay for an actual harp, please contact Sylvia at sylvia@harpcenter.com.

Can my E-Gift Certificate be used to pay for tax and shipping?
Yes. It can be used for everything on your order, including all products, tax, and shipping.

Can I trade in my E-Gift Certificate for cash?
No. Your E-Gift Certificate can only be used for purchases through our website.

What happens if my order total is greater than the amount available on my E-Gift Certificate?
After you enter your E-Gift Certificate key in the box during checkout, you will be informed if it is not enough to cover the cost of your order. You will then have the chance to pay the balance by PayPal or with a credit card.

What happens if I don't use the total amount of my E-Gift Certificate on my order?
The balance remaining on your E-Gift Certificate will stay in your harpcenter.com E-Gift account to be used for future purchases. Be sure to keep your key code in a safe place, so you'll have it handy to use it towards future purchases.

Does my E-Gift Certificate have an expiration date?
Your E-Gift Certificate will never expire as long as there is money still available on the gift certificate.

Is there a maintenance fee or inactivity fee?
Although some gift certificates charge an annual fee or an "inactivity fee" if you do not use your certificate for a specified amount of time, we think that this is unfair. We'd never do that to you! Your E-Gift Certificate will never expire and will never accrue any fees of any kind, no matter how long you wait to redeem it.

Can I add more money to my E-Gift Certificate?
No. However, you can always purchase a new E-Gift Certificate for yourself!

Can I redeem my E-Gift Certificate by mail?
The easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to redeem your E-Gift Certificate is through harpcenter.com, since they were designed to be redeemed through our website. Please contact us for special instructions if you need to redeem your E-Gift Certificate through the mail.

I had a problem when I tried to use my E-Gift Certificate during checkout. What should I do?
We apologize if you have difficulty using your E-Gift Certificate on our website. Please check to be sure you entered the entire key code correctly in the box that says "Gift Certificate." If you still have problems, please contact us, let us know what error message you received, and the key code of your gift certificate. We'll be happy to assist you.