The Wizard of Oz Movie Quiz

1. Dorothy's dog was named
a. Tutu
b. Toto
c. Kato

2. Dorothy lived with Auntie Em and Uncle
a. Jeb
b. Henry
c. Remus

3. Dorothy's last name was
a. Gale
b. Gulch
c. Garland

4. Where do "troubles melt like lemon drops?"
a. Munchkinland
b. Oz
c. Somewhere over the rainbow

5. Which witch did Dorothy kill by dropping a house on her?
a. Witch of the North
b. Witch of the South
c. Witch of the East
d. Witch of the West

6. The good witch that Dorothy meets in Munchkinland is named
a. Glenda
b. Glinda
c. Glinka

7. Which of her three companions does Dorothy meet first?
a. The Tin Woodman
b. The Cowardly Lion
c. The Scarecrow

8. What actor was originally cast as the Tin Woodman, but had to withdraw from the role because he was allergic to the silver makeup?
a. Buddy Ebsen
b. Clark Gable
c. Mickey Rooney

9. According to the Tin Woodman, if he only had a heart, how would he lock it?
a. With a padlock
b. With a zipper

10. Oh my, when entering a dark forest, the Tin Woodman says they're likely to meet up with what?
a. Witches and goblins
b. Lions and tigers and bears
c. Flying monkeys

11. What does the Wicked Witch poison so that Dorothy and her friends fall asleep within sight of the Emerald City?
a. An apple
b. A rose
c. A field of poppies

12. The Wicked Witch "skywrites" a message for Dorothy with her broom. What does it say?
a. Give up Dorothy
b. I'll get you Dorothy
c. Surrender Dorothy

13. Before he grants their wishes, the Wizard of Oz sends them on a quest. What must they bring back to him?
a. The Wicked Witch's broomstick
b. The Wicked Witch's hat
c. The ruby slippers

14. How does Dorothy kill the Wicked Witch?
a. Stabs her with her broom
b. Melts her with water
c. Pushes her in an oven

15. What does the Wizard of Oz give the Cowardly Lion for his courage?
a. A medal
b. A security blanket
c. A plaque

16. The Wizard of Oz gives the Scarecrow a PhT diploma. What does he say the PhT stands for?
a. Doctor of Thinkology
b. Doctor of Theology
c. Doctor of Thinking

17. What does Dorothy say to go back to Kansas?
a. Beam me up, Scotty
b. Take me home
c. There's no place like home

18. Who wrote the Oz books?
a. L. Frank Baum
b. A. A. Milne
c. E. B. White

19. Which song from The Wizard of Oz won the Academy Award for "Best Song?"
a. Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead
b. If I Only Had a Brain
c. Over the Rainbow

20. What year was The Wizard of Oz movie released?
a. 1934
b. 1939
c. 1944

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