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A Song of the Promises of God arranged by Barbara Wright PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

A Song of the Promises of God was written for a 23 string harp, but it can be played on any size harp with levers on F, C and G. There are several lever changes since it begins in the key of G and modulates to D and A. The vocal part is for mezzo soprano, and the highest note is the E which is an octave and a third above middle C. Although designed for harp and voice, the harp is playing the melody throughout most of the piece, so it could also be easily adapted as a harp solo. It could also be played as a harp and instrumental duet. 4 pages in length, for advanced beginner to intermediate players. Very gratifying and well received. No fingerings.

This lovely, comforting piece was originally performed as an organ and oboe duet at the memorial service of Rev. Alfred L Perkins, the father of the composers. It was composed by Marilyn Biery, and arranged for harp by her sister, Barbara Wright. Verses were suggested by Dorothy Perkins. It is appropriate for funerals, memorial services or worship.

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