Pedal or Lever Harp

Latin American Harps: History, Music and Terchniques by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz Downloads

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For lever or pedal harp.

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is an expert on Latin American harps. In this informative PDF he gives a history of these harps and instruction on playing some of the distinctive harp techniques.

PDF Download: The 80-page PDF includes history, photos, and instruction, plus lots of music in the key of C or 1 sharp for intermediate to advanced harp players.

mp3 Download: With the companion mp3s you can listen to the music to "get the right feel" of those wonderful Latin rhythms! Some pieces are divided in sections to facilitate listening and learning specific parts. A few examples of "variations" and additional verbal instructions are included. "Easy versions" are included, but not the "advanced." The individual mp3 files have been zipped together into one zipped file for your download.

PDF Contents

Seis por derecho
Llano (Plains)
Pasaje numero uno
El rio (The River)
Una luz en el mar (A Light in the Sun)
Atardecer (Sunset)
Theme from "Suite to Luzma"
18 de octubre (18 of October)
Che valle mi Yaguaron (My Valley Yaguaron)
3 de mayo (May 3rd)
Nda recoi le culpa (It's Not My Fault)
Pajaro Campana (Bell Bird)
Galopa from "Suite to Luzma"
La Guabina.

Companion mp3 Tracks

18 de octubre
Rolling chords instructions
Che valle mi Yaguarón
3 de mayo (May 3rd)
3 de mayo variations
Colorado instructions
Colorado continuation
Colorado variation of section A
Nda recoi la culpa

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