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Nuova Tarantella ensemble for 3 PEDAL Harps PDF Download by Giuliana De Donno

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For PEDAL harp ensemble.

"Nuova Tarantella" was composed by Spanish soprano, composer, and painter Maria Malibran (1808-1836). Giuliana De Donno has arranged it for three pedal harps. There are six key changes in the music. No pedal changes are indicated. There are no fingerings.

The piece was composed on a popular text in Neapolitan dialect No cchiù lo guarracino as an ironic and playful counterpoint to the popular eighteenth-century nursery rhyme "Lo Guarracino." The composition, well known in the nineteenth century, is part of the collection printed in Naples by the publisher B. Girard Matinées musicales de Mme Malibran: Album lyrique. The musical theme with a playful character, invites you to dance and lends itself well to the instrumental version here proposed for three harps.

This 24-page PDF includes the 7-page complete score, the 3 individual pedal harp parts, and a QR code to download the arrangement as an mp3.

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