The Quiet Path mp3 Download by Paul Baker

Item #m3211a

This product is an mp3 audio track download of ten tracks of music from The Quiet Path CD by Paul Baker.

The Quiet Path offers compositions and improvisations by harpist Paul Baker in keys corresponding to the body's energy centers (chakras). Four of these songs weave together the resonance of the Celtic harp with the sonority of the cello (performed by Peggy Baldwin) in the key related to the harp chakra to evoke the heart energy. The sound of these resonant melodies binds, instructs and guides the unfolding of all the other chakras with the heart as the central guiding theme. The music is played at a slow, steady pulse to lead the brain into the alpha state where the mind, body, and spirit relax, reorganize and rejuvenate. This peaceful music creates a perfect environment for healing and transformation.

Heart's Gate
The Quiet Path
The Bridge
Heart's Mystery Unfolding
Hara's Dance
A Voice From Within
Heart's Call
Wisdom Found
Heart's Home

All ten individual mp3 tracks are zipped together in one file.
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