Pedal or Lever Harp

Zest PDF Download by Megan Metheney

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For lever or pedal harp.

Here's how Megan describes this composition.
"This piece was written on a lap harp for my beautiful friend Anana. Zest is the name of her boat, but she herself also emanates a zest for life: she savors positive events and sensory experiences, not letting them breeze past her. I hope this piece captures her and her inspiring zest."

This improvisatory, free-form piece featuring wispy upward arpeggios is for intermediate players. It is in the key of C, and no lever or pedal changes are required.

Two 3-page versions are included in this PDF. The range of each version is 18 strings, from G up to C. You can see the formats in the sample pages below.

#1. The lowest note in the version for small lap harps is the G below middle C. Both hands play notes in the treble clef.

#2. The version for larger harps is written an octave lower. The lowest note is the G, 10 strings below middle C. This version is written on a standard grand staff with treble and bass clefs.

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