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Dusty Strings Allegro Harp Prices:Allegro Harp

Allegro with full sharping levers - $1,895.00

Optional Cases:
Economy case - $150.00
Deluxe case - $240.00
Backpack straps for either case - $35.00

Other Options:
Gut string option (when ordered with harp) - $220.00
Camac sharping levers - $165.00
Installed pickup - $395.00
Extra Set of Strings - $96.00

To purchase this harp, please call Sylvia Woods at (808) 212-9525,
or email her at .
Sylvia will personally assist you in ordering your harp.

Range C to G

26 nylon strings. 3 1/2 octaves.
C up to G. (1 octave below middle C, up to 2 1/2; octaves above middle C)

Click here to order strings for this harp.
Click here for a printable string chart for this harp.

• Height: 40 1/2"
• Soundboard width: 9 1/2"
• Weight with legs: 14 pounds

Harp Description:
To streamline the construction on this harp, Dusty Strings uses a sapele soundbox with a laminated soundboard. The neck and pillar are of solid sapele wood.

Black oxide-finished tuning pins
Full set of Loveland sharping levers

• Four detachable legs
• Loveland sharping levers on all strings
• Standard tuning key

See the links above for explanations of the options available for this harp.

Harp Essentials Program:
Click here for information about our Essentials Program. You can save 20% on strings and other select harp accessories when you purchase a harp from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center.

Shipping and Insurance:
Shipping and shipping insurance for this harp within the continental U.S. is $125.
If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, the cost will be higher. We will send you a shipping quote before finalizing your order.

Due to logistical reasons, we do not take orders for Dusty Strings harps shipped outside of the US. Please contact Dusty Strings directly at if would like to order a harp being shipped to another country. They will be happy to help you.

Please contact us regarding availability and shipping time estimates, and to place your order. These harps are usually in stock, ready for immediate delivery. If not in stock, the wait is approximately 1 to 6 weeks.

Prices effective through December 31, 2020.

Allegro Harps

Allegro detals

Click on the videos below to hear the Dusty Strings Allegro harp.
The first video is by Sylvia Woods.
The second video was recorded by Harper Tasche for Dusty Strings, © by Dusty Strings, and used here by permission.

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