Pedal or Lever Harp

Ancient and Contemporary Irish Music for Harp by Katy Bustard PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This is the third PDF in a series by Katy Bustard, founder of Causeway Harp School in the north of Ireland. The music in this volume is designed for intermediate to advanced harp players interested in developing a stylish and interesting repertoire of Irish traditional music, from ancient, traditional and contemporary sources.

Katy has selected some of her favourite pieces from the ancient Irish harp repertoire, namely the Bunting Collection. Hailing from Northern Ireland, this collection is of particular interest to her as it was at the Belfast Harp Festival in 1792 that the young Edward Bunting transcribed the music of the harpers who attended, thus preserving the unique musical heritage of the Irish harp.

This volume also includes recent compositions by contemporary Irish traditional musicians, from the north of Ireland and Donegal. Katy loves to draw inspiration from the vibrant traditional music community performing and composing today, which is an endless source of creativity and inspiration.

This is a stunning collection of music, old and new. The ancient Irish harp repertoire is fused here with contemporary 'trad'. A stylish and authentic addition to your harp repertoire.

The keys of the 16 tunes range from 1 flat through 2 sharps. There are a few lever changes in some of the pieces. No fingerings are included.

This is the updated 2021 edition.

This is the third of three volumes of music by Katy:
Volume 1 is Traditional Irish Music for Small Harps: Arrangements for 20 and 26 strings
Volume 2 is Traditional Irish Music for Harp: Arrangements for 34 strings

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