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Baroque Flamenco by Deborah Henson-Conant PDF Download

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This PDF includes 3 SOLO harp versions for lever or pedal harp.

Baroque Flamenco is Deborah Henson-Conant's unique, flamboyant extension of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "Minuet in A Minor," with a flamenco guitar flair. This PDF download includes 3 versions of the piece (advanced beginner, intermediate, and concert), along with 11 pages of Deborah's extensive notes about the piece, and how to perform the large variety of harp techniques used in the music. The versions for advanced beginners and intermediate players are 5 pages each, and playable on lever harps tuned to E-flat, or pedal harps. The advanced version is 9 pages, and is only for pedal harps. No matter what your playing level, this piece will be a challenge. But, it is definitely worth it, and is guaranteed to make you a better player! There are a total of 38 pages in this PDF.

As Deborah explains, "This piece isn't easy to sight-read, because of the many special techniques and notations. Once you get familiar with what's on the page, it's not as hard as it looks (well . . . some of Version 3 really IS as hard as it looks!). . . . This manuscript is a Guideline . . . not a manifesto. It's the blueprint of an idea. So when you play the piece, make it your own until it is an expression of your own passion."

Deborah also sells versions of this piece for harp ensemble and also for harp an orchestra. You can purchase these versions directly from her by clicking on the links below. They are NOT for sale here on this site.
Ensemble Version of Baroque Flamenco
Concerto Version of Baroque Flamenco with Piano Reduction

This PDF includes 3 SOLO harp versions for lever or pedal harp.

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