Pedal or Lever Harp

Five from the Gow Collection by Becky Baxter PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Niel Gow (1727 - 1807) was the most famous Scottish fiddler of the eighteenth century. Becky Baxter has arranged 5 of his popular tunes for harp solo or ensemble. Although originally intended to be performed as duets, the pieces can also work nicely as solos by playing the harp 1 part and omitting Harp 2. The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland is a wire harp solo. The designations "gut or nylon harp" and "Celtic harp" are interchangeable; the "gut or nylon" distinction is made in the pieces that call for wire-strung harp as Harp II in order to clarify the need for the two distinct sound colors. Harmonics are played where written. Fingerings are generally omitted except for damping suggestions in "The Highlander's Farewell", in which they are very useful! This book has recently been revised. It contains only the score, with harp 1 and harp 2 on the same page. Page turns have been adjusted so they are as easy as possible. The PDF is 16 pages long, including 11 pages of music.

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  • Lord Buchan
  • Caledonian Hunt
  • Lady Ann Hope
  • The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland
  • Lady Amelia Murray

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