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Bienfiel by Trista Hill PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Here is how Trista describes this original composition.

There are two versions of "Bienfiel." Both versions are included in this PDF.
The first version (v.1) employs 3-finger root position chords in a stepwise scalar progression with a simple repetitive one-note right-hand melody. It was originally written for an adult student who experiences beginning Parkinson's in his left hand. This piece allowed us to exercise and build strength in the left hand using a familiar shape, and the simple repetitive right-hand melody allowed for left-hand focus. This version is one page with no lever or pedal changes, and is suitable for small harps -- the lowest note is C one octave below middle C, and the highest is G in the second octave above middle C.

The second version (v.2) of "Bienfiel" expounds on the same melody, but explores alternative finger patterns in 4-finger arpeggios, intervals of octaves, and 10ths to stretch the hands, scalar patterns, syncopation, and rolled chords. This version is three pages with no lever or pedal changes, with a larger range -- the lowest note is D in the second octave below middle C (and an optional lower G in the third octave below middle C near the end of the piece), and the highest is a D in the third octave above middle C.

Both versions are for solo lever or pedal harp, in the key of G major (1 sharp), in 3/4 time. The form is roughly ABA -- the main theme returns at the end for easy learning! The tempo is a suggestion only.

Version 1 is one page, with no fingerings. Version 2 is three pages, with some fingerings, particularly on the arpeggios. Chord symbols are included.

This PDF includes Trista's original cover art, composition notes, sheet music for both versions of "Bienfiel," and a page of blank staff paper.

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