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Blazing Pedals #1 for PEDAL harp by Ray Pool PDF Download

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For pedal harp only.

Fake Books, or Lead Sheets, are music books that include the melody line, lyrics and chord symbols, without accompaniment. You make your own arrangements using the melody and the chords.

The two volumes of Blazing Pedals are a guide for harpists learning the harmony necessary to play from fake books or lead sheets. They provide a systematic approach to identifying diatonic intervals occurring automatically on the harp.

Volume 1 is subtitled: A Guide to Harmonic Structure and Lead Sheet Playing on the Harp. It includes practice suggestions for organizing an approach for developing an understanding of the key signature's effect on chord construction. Chord charts, lead sheet samples, and flash cards for both chord voicing and progressions are provided.

You can purchase Volume 2 here.

Table of Contents of Volume 1
* Scales, Triads, and Lead Sheet Basics
* More About I-IV-V-I
* Harmonizing a Scale with a Single Triad
* Diatonic Seventh Chords
- - - Say Touch Play
- - - Isolating Pedals in Chords
* Harmonizing a Scale with Seventh Chords
- - - Londonderry Air (full)
- - - Londonderry Air (lead sheet C)
- - - Londonderry Air (lead sheet G)
- - - Londonderry Air (lead sheet F)
* The Progression of I-VI-II-V
* Drop "2" Voicings
* I-VI-II-V With Scales and Glisses
* R-3-5-7-9-11-13
* I-VI-II-V with 13ths
* Diminished Chords for Enharmonic Tuning Check
* Diminished Cousins
* The Chromatic Scale
* The Whole Tone Scale
* Chain of Dominants
* Chords of the Sub-dominant Minor
* Tritone Substitution
* Chord Comparison
* Key Study:
- - - Introduction
- - - The Key of C
- - - The Key of E flat
- - - The Key of B flat
- - - The Key of F
- - - The Key of G
- - - The Key of D

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