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Blazing Pedals #2 for PEDAL harp by Ray Pool PDF Download

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For pedal harp only.

Fake Books, or Lead Sheets, are music books that include the melody line, lyrics and chord symbols, without accompaniment. You make your own arrangements using the melody and the chords.

The two volumes of Blazing Pedals are a guide for harpists learning the harmony necessary to play from fake books or lead sheets. They provide a systematic approach to identifying diatonic intervals occurring automatically on the harp.

Volume 2 is subtitled: How to play from a "Fake Book" on the pedal harp. It includes a chord study review in lead sheet notation, the use of "melodic" seventh chords, full chord voicings in six keys, passing tones and neighboring notes, the stride bass accompaniment, other accompaniment patterns, an original tune and seven possible treatments fully notated.

You can also purchase Volume 1 here.

Table of Contents of Volume 2
* A Brief Review
* The Test
* Simple Lead Sheet Notation
* The First Silent Night
* Full Chord Voicings
* Melodic Seventh Chords (Awa in a Manger)
* Passing Tones and Neighboring Notes
* The Stride Bass Accompaniment (I-VI-II-V)
* More Accompaniment Patterns
* Using Accompaniment Patterns
* "The Very First Tune" text
- - - Lead Sheet with lyrics
- - - Version 1, melody and root bass note
- - - Version 2, melodic seventh chords
- - - Version 3, melodic seventh chords and root bass note
- - - Version 4, solo melody and interlocking intervals
- - - Version 5, melodic seventh chords and arpeggio accompaniment
- - - Version 6, solo melody and stride accompaniment
- - - Version 7, full chord voicings with tenths and fifths
* "The Very First Tune" in 3 keys with modulations
* The Last Word

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