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This is a reference book; not a music book.

Music effects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie Riley discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and finally, how it is used in purposely therapeutic ways. This is a revised and updated edition (2010) incorporating the addition two of Laurie's previous books: Nothing Less Than Your Best and The Art of Teaching.

This complete guide for all musicians includes:

Music and the Brain:
Music is a Language
Practice As Passion
Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning
Focus and Relaxation
Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress
What is Talent

How We Learn Music:
The Five ways of Learning
Basic Music Terminology
Concert Pitch
Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths
The Art of Teaching
Ergonomics and the Musician's Body

Music as Therapy:
Service vs. Performance
Using Modes and Other Scales
The Human Voice
Improvisational Music
Beneficial Resonant Frequencies
Effects of Toning and Chant
Appropriate Instruments
Acoustic vs. Electric/Electronic Music
Healing Modalities Chart
Music in Medical Settings
Clinical Deportment and Ethics
Terminology of Healthcare Music
and much more!

This PDF is 134 pages long. The color cover is not included in the PDF.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as a printed book. It is only available here in this PDF download format.


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Great Book
By Cynthia
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I have purchased many items from the Harp Center and this is yet another great offering. I found many pearls in this publication and not only applicable to the harp. There is so much thought, care and genuine commitment at the Harp Center to provide the best items for harpers/harpists.

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