Pedal Harp Only

Divertissements #2 a l'espagnole sheet music for PEDAL harp by Caplet

Item #6806b

For PEDAL harp only.

This piece is a animated counterpart to a la Francaise. Written by French composer Andre Caplet (1878 - 1925) and initially played by students at the Paris Conservatory, this is one of the few works by this composer for harp. Its modern-sounding harmonies and disjunct ideas in each section make this piece intriguing to hear and play! It demonstrates many of the harp's traditional and special effects, including many pedal slides, short glissandos, trills, harmonics, and enharmonics. As the title of this solo implies, it was written with a Spanish flavor and style in mind. Includes pedal markings. 7 pages. Advanced pedal harp level.

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