Pedal or Lever Harp

A Carolan Consort for harp, flute, and recorder ensembles by Nancy Hurrell PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Nancy Hurrell has arranged this fine selection of tunes by Turlogh O'Carolan for harp, flute and recorder ensembles. Her full and interesting harp accompaniments support the melody instruments, making these great for performing. This unique collection is arranged in period style with the harmonies, ornaments and variations as they might have been played in Dublin taverns and Irish country houses around 1800. The original 1796 version of Carolan's Concerto is included in both solo harp versions as well as concerto form. The range of pieces include ancient modal harp airs (Bridget Cruise, First Air) to the elegant High Baroque (Mrs. Judge) to lively planxties as jigs and hornpipes.

The pieces are in the keys of C or 1 or 2 sharps, except for the two harp solos, which are in 3 flats. There are no fingerings The PDF is 76 pages, including information about O'Carolan and his music, and a page of performance notes. The ensemble pieces include a score, then the harp part, and then the individual melody parts.

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