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Harping Cats and Dogs by Kathryn Cater PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

These eight songs for lever or pedal harp feature a wide variety of moods and styles. All of the pieces are named after family pets. Danny Solves the Mystery is a cute minor melody in 6/8 using both hands for the quick melody. Lullaby For Smokey is slow and sweet with a repetitive left hand accompaniment. Walkin' Wally is like early 60's rock music: the left hand gets a cool walking bass, and the right hand has a fun syncopated melody. Just keep it slow. Poor Wally has very short legs (he's a Basset). Grumpy Dreams of Flying has mysterious glissandos and a whole note melody that is almost chant-like. Grumpy is a very lazy, fat cat. Chasing Buddy is perfect for the student who wants to play everything fast and loud, but it's not really hard! Very showy. Baron's Blues, with clever lever settings, is a slow jazz piece. This is a great piece for teaching counting and syncopation. Forest Friends and Buckwheat's Baby are great for teaching running eighth notes, and the latter teaches left hand I, IV and V chords as well. Students will love all of these pieces! The pieces are in the key of C or sharp keys, with no fingerings. 16 pages.

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  • Danny Solves the Mystery
  • Lullaby for Smokey
  • Walkin' Wally
  • Grumpy Dreams of Flying
  • Chasing Buddy
  • Baron's Blues
  • Forest Friends
  • Buckwheat's Baby



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Love this Book
By Paul Baker
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This is a great book for teaching. Each song is built around a pattern or technique that repeats several times within the song and therefore is not that hard to learn. Dynamics and tempo variations are added musical elements and the songs sound like they were written for the harp! I have used Cater's "Singing Wings" and "Forever in Love With Horses" as well with many students. What great additions to our teaching and recital repertoire.

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