Pedal or Lever Harp

Noel Nouvelet by Kathryn Cater PDF Downloads

  • PEDAL harp version PDF Download
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  • LEVER harp version
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Versions for lever and pedal harp.

Kathryn Cater has made two stunning arrangements of the beautiful French Christmas carol Noel Nouvelet (Sing We Noel) that are interesting and fun to play. One arrangement is for pedal harp, and the other is for lever harp. Be sure to order the correct one for your harp.

PEDAL HARP VERSION: The upper intermediate pedal harp solo uses enharmonics and harmonies that will keep you and your audience mesmerized until the very last note. Listen to the video below, and you'll hear what we mean! In the key of 7 flats with pedal changes listed. 5 pages of lush, gorgeous music.

LEVER HARP VERSION: The lever harp version is for lever harps tuned to 3 flats. There are fewer accidentals than the pedal version, and simple right-hand fills allow time for the lever changes. It is for upper intermediate to advanced harp players. 5 pages of lush, gorgeous music.

The video below is the pedal harp version. The lever harp version is similar.

Click on the blue titles below to see a sample of the first few lines of music.


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