Pedal or Lever Harp

Northern Dances by Kathryn Cater PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This is a lovely medley of four traditional Swedish and Norwegian tunes freely intrepreted for harp. These tunes were handed down in Ms. Cater's family from musical relatives who played with true gusto and Scandinavian flair.

Although Kathryn arranged this music "for pedal harp only," we discovered that the only lever or pedal changes are between the pieces in the medley, not in the tunes themselves. Because of this, lever harp players can still play each piece individually, just not put together into a medley. They sound great! There are a few notes that are lower than the range of most lever harps, but they can easily be left out or moved up an octave without altering the arrangements.

The pieces are in the following keys: C, 2 flats with an F#, G, and D. The music is for intermediate players and includes chord symbols but no fingerings. 8 pages of music.

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  • Anders-Orsa
  • Oppa fjellet
  • Pal sine hoener
  • Balzer Jungfrau


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