Pedal or Lever Harp

Come, Ye Sons of Art by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher has arranged this processional suite of six variations. It is based on Henry Purcell's 1694 birthday Ode for Queen Mary. The main theme makes the perfect processional for weddings and other festive occasions. You can choose which variations you prefer to lengthen the piece, or just play the theme with repeats.

This suite is 7 pages long, and for upper intermediate lever or pedal harpists. It is in the key of C, with two G# lever or pedal changes marked in the music. There are some fingerings.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

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