Pedal or Lever Harp

The Crystal Spring by Ray Pool PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Ray Pool has beautifully arranged 15 English folksongs for intermediate lever or pedal harp players. Five pieces are in 1 to 3 flats, three are in C, and seven are in 1 to 2 sharps. No lever changes are needed within any of the pieces. The lyrics are printed at the beginning and/or end of each piece. Some fingerings are included.

This collection has been designed to create maximum resonance. Harmonic richness comes from sevenths, ninths, and thirteenth intervals. Chord spellings utilize inversions for interesting accompaniment. Bass compliments the treble. Play the melody as if you were singing the words. These pieces are arranged in a rhythmic and harmonic order to create a collection that plays from page one through thirty with continuous performance in mind.

This 35 page PDF includes 30 pages of music.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

Click on the blue titles below to see a sample of the first few lines of music.

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