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Dance of the Harps for harp ensemble by Meg Robinson PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This hauntingly beautiful three-part harp ensemble by Meg Robinson was commissioned for the opening of a new 2000-seat concert facility, Strathmore Music Hall, in Bethesda, Maryland. It is arranged for 3 harp parts, and can be played by an ensemble of early to upper intermediate lever or pedal harpists, as each of the three parts is written with a different degree of technical difficulty. It is in the key of 3-flats, with some B-natural accidentals. The lever and pedal changes for these accidentals are not marked in the music. And there are no fingerings.

Dance of the Harps is presented with an underlying 3/4 accompaniment of swaying rhythm. The melody is shared between the first and second parts, while the third part provides the underlying rhythm. The melody develops and expands and is followed by a sharply contrasting middle section, which is much faster and jig-like. In this section, the harps let loose in their dance, which has become spirited and playful. Following this faster middle section, the ensemble returns to the original melody, but with greater intensity and rhythmic vitality. As the piece comes to its dramatic conclusion, layer upon layer of rich harmonies unfold and become increasingly intense, culminating in a bell-like explosion of syncopated celebratory sound.

This 55-page PDF includes the 24-page score, and the three 8-page individual parts.

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