Dusty Strings Custom Maple Tuning Wrench

Item #9042k
U.S.A. only

This tuning wrench (tuning key) for Dusty Strings Harps is beautifully hand-crafted of maple wood and is very comfortable to use.

Here's how Dusty Strings describes this tuning wrench.
Shaped for comfort and precision control, these wrenches combine the leverage of a gooseneck wrench with the greater direct-pressure capability of a T-wrench (necessary to tighten and re-seat taper pins). A sheath of clear plastic around the shank extends just beyond the tip to prevent accidental dents. Beautifully handcrafted in maple, this wrench has a star tip that fits all Dusty Strings harps. It is included with all of the FH harp models.

We make all of our tuning wrenches with an eight-point star tip (rather than a square tip), which allows you to seat the wrench on the square end of the tuning pin in less than one-eighth of a turn and makes the process just a little faster and easier. We've engineered the tip to be .004" larger than the pin, just enough to seat easily but tight enough to prevent tuning pin wear.

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