Dusty Strings Boulevard 34 Gut-Strung Harp

Boulevard Classic 34 with gut strings, full sharping levers,
stand with 5" legs, and soft case - $3,645.00

Extra pedal-gut string set - $528.00
Drop-down leg - $95.00
Installed pickup - $445.00

To purchase this harp, please call Sylvia Woods at (808) 212-9525,
or email her at sylvia@harpcenter.com .
Sylvia will personally assist you in ordering your harp.

Range C to A

34 pedal gut strings. 4 3/4; octaves.
C up to A. (2 octaves below middle C, up to 3 octaves minus 2 notes above middle C)

Click here for a printable string chart for this harp.

• Height to top of soundboard: 38"
• Maximum height: 49" (54" with stand)
• Soundboard width: 14"
• Weight: 24 pounds including stand (case adds 7.5 pounds)

Boulevard Classic 34 Harp Description:
The 34-string Boulevard was designed with classical players and students in mind, and is quite different in feel and sound from other Dusty Strings harps. The tone is warm and full and the higher-tension concert gut strings provide a shorter sustain than the "typical" Dusty Strings sound. This makes the Boulevard an ideal choice for classical repertoire and for players and students who want a feel similar to that of a pedal harp.

Based on the popular Ravenna 34, the Boulevard features the same innovative and affordable construction technique, the comfortable stave back body, and the easily removable stand. It was designed it to be as lightweight and portable as possible in a full-range harp, without sacrificing the quality of the hardware or the construction. The package includes a full set of Loveland sharping levers, tuning wrench, stand and deluxe soft case.

The four-legged stand is quickly and easily removable without needing to turn the harp over, and comes apart to fit in the case pocket. It includes 5" legs, but 8" legs can be substituted if you prefer the harp to be situated higher up.
The case is made of durable, water-resistant cordura with thick foam padding, a convenient shoulder strap and a multitude of pockets for your stand, music, extra strings and other accessories.

An extremely innovative and useful feature of this remarkable harp is the optional drop-down leg, which drops smoothly into place for convenient and adjustable playing support. The harp can be quickly and easily adjusted to your correct playing height, without the hassle of additional legs or stools. With a 20" range of adjustment, the harp can easily be played sitting or standing. The leg easily slides out of the way, back inside the harp, when not in use.

Soundboard: Clear finished laminated European birch.
Neck and Pillar: Solid ash with a clear lacquer finish.
Soundbox: Laminated European birch with ash-grained black vinyl veneer.

Standard tuning key
Soft Case: This included form-fitting, soft-shell case features foam padding, a cordura exterior, zipper closing, a shoulder strap, and a variety of pockets for holding music accessories. It includes D-rings to attach optional backpack straps, which allow the harp to balance comfortably on the back.
Boulevard Classic 34Stand: This included black stand quickly attaches to the harp base with the twist of a knob, raising the harp 5". Made of black lacquered ash, this handy stand easily disassembles for travel. You do not need to remove the built-in harp leg in order to attach this stand.

Harp Essentials Program:
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Shipping and Insurance:
Estimated shipping and shipping insurance for this harp within the continental U.S. is $435.00.
If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, the cost will be higher. We will send you a shipping quote before finalizing your order.

Due to logistical reasons, we do not take orders for Dusty Strings harps shipped outside of the US. Please contact Dusty Strings directly at handcrafted@dustystrings.com if would like to order a harp being shipped to another country. They will be happy to help you.

The current wait time for these harps is generally 0 to 3 weeks. Please email Sylvia Woods at sylvia@harpcenter.com regarding availability and shipping time estimates, and to place your order.

Prices effective as of January 5, 2024, and are subject to change without notice.