Duo-Tune Tuning Wrench with Tuner Pickup by Dusty Strings

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  • CUSTOM (standard Dusty) Size
  • $92.00
  • CONCERT (pedal) Size
  • $92.00
  • $92.00
  • $149.00

It's a match made in heaven! (OK, it's really made in Seattle.) Dusty Strings has married their finely crafted ergonomic tuning wrench with the popular Snark electronic tuner.

Duo-Tune on HarpTuning a harp typically requires an electronic tuner, a clip-on tuner pickup and a tuning wrench (as well as a certain amount of coordination). They tune a lot of harps at Dusty Strings and this awkward process was begging for an improvement. They've now combined their comfortable harp tuning wrenches with the Snark clip-on electronic tuner to make a single handy tuning device, the Dusty Duo-Tune. Now you can pluck a string with one completely free hand while the tuning wrench and electronic tuner are in your other hand picking up the vibrations through the tuning pin, displaying the note on the attached LCD screen, and allowing you to adjust the pin - all at once. No more juggling tuners, wires, clips and wrenches and wishing you had three hands!


  • The same elegant and ergonomic hardwood handle as Dusty Strings' Custom Wrench
  • LCD display is readable in the dark
  • Swivel joint allows you to turn on and adjust the angle of the display with your thumb while tuning
  • Star-tipped wrench seats itself on the pin with less fussiness than a square-tipped wrench requires
  • No need for a clip-on tuner pickup. The string's vibrations travel directly through the tuning pin to the Duo-Tune, which means that it picks up notes accurately up and down the whole range of the harp without interference from other room noises.
  • Snark tuner has a nifty built-in visual metronome feature as well as pitch calibration and auto shut-off after two minutes
  • Battery is included, as well as a spare (3-volt #CR 2032)

There are three models of the Dusty Duo-Tune to fit different sized tuning pins. The size of the tuning pin that each wrench fits is engraved on the handle.

  • The Custom Duo-Tune fits all Dusty Strings harps or others using this size pin. The square tuning pin tip diameter is .176" (4.5mm).
  • The Concert Duo-Tune fits pedal harps and lever harps made by Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Camac and Venus, as well as other harps made with this size pin, including Thormahlen. The square tuning pin tip diameter is 3/16" or .188" or 5mm.
  • The Zither Pin Duo-Tune fits harps that have zither pins instead of through-pins, such as Harpsicles and some Stoney End harps. You can tell you have zither pins if your tuning wrench goes on the same end of the pin as the string, and the pin does not stick out on both sides of the neck.
  • The Universal Duo-Tune is completely adjustable to fit any standard, square-headed harp pins which go all the way through the neck of the harp and stick out on both sides. It is perfect for someone who has multiple harps that require different size wrenches. Fits Aoyama, Triplett, Reese, and others. The range of adjustment is from .160" (4mm) to .236" (6mm).
    The Universal Duo-Tune does not work well on zither-type harp pins such as are used on Harpsicles. For these harps, please order the Zither Pin Duo-Tune.
    The Universal Duo-Tune does not work on non-square, flattened head, or tapered-head pins. For more information, please see the Adjustable Universal Tuning Wrench page.

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Dusty Strings Duo Tune Universal
By Dr. Tracy Baker
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I wish I could give this device a higher rating than five. If you are thinking about getting one, think no longer. I know you are supposed to tune a harp each time you play it, but my 36 string harp took 45-50 minutes to tune, so doing it each time I played was unrealistic. But with the Dusty Strings Duo Tune, the time spent tuning is cut WAY down. Not only that, but it is more precise than the old way. Also, get the Universal wrench. You can tighten it to fit the tuning pins precisely, ensuring accurate tuning.

Dusty Strings Universal Harp Tuner
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Have used the Dusty Strings harp tuner since it was first available. It dramatically simplifies tuning procedure and greatly reduces tuning time. I like the tool aspect of the clamp to secure to the tuning pin. No longer does it drop off and clunk on my harp. The old tuner needed three hands. This just two. You won't regret this purchase.

By velvalea cunningham
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Absolutely the best tuner ever. I was using an iPad ap, but this works so much better!

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