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Harp Pick-up for Pedal Harps
Pedal Harp Pickup Pedal Harp Pickup Pedal Harp Pickup Pedal Harp Pickup

Harp Pick-up for Pedal Harps

Most harpists who perform decide at some point that they need to amplify their instruments, so they go shopping for a pickup that will do the job. They soon discover a confusing array of options that can make it daunting to determine what will work best. The folks at Dusty Strings Harps have gone through that process themselves, spending a lot of time testing various pickups on the market. Eventually they took on the project of developing a pickup system specifically for harps that would give the kind of sound they knew was possible. They called it the Dusty Harp Pickup. It was so successful that pedal harpists soon started asking for a pickup designed for pedal harps.

The pickup elements in the Dusty Pedal Harp Pickup are optimized for pedal harps and the harness fits in any instrument. We've been getting rave reviews from pedal harpists who have installed it. It makes amplification easy, and sound technicians love it. Using four carefully selected and placed piezo elements, these pickups achieve a clean, focused, natural and lush sound. The rich, full bass notes balance and blend with the clear, musical mids and high notes. It's simply the sound of the harp, only bigger. This pickup works at any volume level without feedback, which can be a concern when playing at high sound levels.

The 35"-long pick-up is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox, invisible to the audience. A single jack mounted on the back of the harp makes for true "plug and play" ease of use. Or if you prefer not to drill a hole in the back of your harp, you can use the specially designed Dusty Strings Jack Clamp to mount the 1/4-inch jack instead. A single guitar cable allows you to plug your harp straight into any amplifier and most PA systems, with no need for a preamp box or complicated connections. If you are playing in situations requiring very high volume, you may want to add a preamplifier to the system. In addition to boosting the signal, it will give you direct control over your volume and tone if you aren't near your amplifier. With some amplifiers it will also sweeten and smooth out your sound.

The price does NOT include installation. Amplifier and cable shown in photos not included.

The Dusty Pedal Harp Pickup can be easily installed by harp owners who are handy with tools or by any instrument repair technician. Installation involves attaching mounting clips to the internal braces or sides of the harp, snapping the cable harness into the clips, gluing the elements in place, then drilling a hole (unless you are using a Dusty Strings Jack Clamp) and mounting the jack in the back of the harp. There are detailed instructions. The only tool you will need is a 1/2" brad point drill bit, available at most hardware stores. If you prefer, you can also connect to the jack through the bottom soundhole on your harp.

Don't want to drill a hole in your harp? Dusty Strings has solved this problem with their new, innovative Jack Clamp!

There is an extra $100 installation fee if Dusty Strings (in Seattle, Washington) installs the pick-up in a pedal harp.

This item ships directly from Dusty Strings in Seattle, Washington.

To save money on shipping, order this item separately.

Description Item # Price Qty
Harp Pickup for Pedal Harps dpuped $425.00
Dusty Pick-Up and Jack Clamp SET for Pedal Harps dpupeds $481.95

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