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The Elegant Wedding by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for harp and flute or violin PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Here's how Darhon describes this publication.
This PDF contains twenty arrangements of processional and recessional selections often performed at weddings and other church festivals, arranged for all harps and "C" melody instrument. There is quite a bit of interplay between the two instruments as well as some solo sections for each of them. So, this is more than just a melody plus accompaniment book.
The arrangements in this collection are all written using only the keys of C, G, and D to minimize lever changes when switching between pieces at a wedding ceremony. In addition, a few harmonic liberties were taken to reduce lever changes within each piece. All pieces are playable on lever harps tuned in E-flat (3 flats), B-flat (2 flats), F (1 flat), or C.
All arrangements have been typeset onto only two facing pages in order to eliminate page turns within a piece for ease of performance. Because of this, there is one wedding processional that was intentionally not included - that of Pachelbel's Canon. The primary reason for this is that it was impossible to fit it onto two pages, unless I eliminated many sections of the work, which was not a satisfactory solution for me. As there are many fine arrangements of the Canon in circulation, I trust that the performers will use an arrangement by one of my composer colleagues.
Dynamic markings, breath marks, and lever/pedal changes are provided throughout. However, the musicians should use whichever expressive markings and lever/pedal adjustments suit them, no matter what this book indicates!

This PDF includes 20 pieces for intermediate lever or pedal harp and flute or violin. The 40 pages of harp parts are written as scores, including the extra staff for the flute or violin. There are also 20 pages of the flute / violin parts.
Lever and pedal changes are written the the music. Some fingerings are included.

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