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Evergreen for PEDAL harp by Trista Hill PDF Download

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For pedal harp only.

Here is how Trista describes this original composition.
"Evergreen" is an original composition for solo pedal harp. I wrote it as a practice of allowing for space and resonance - less notes, more breathing in both the player and the music.
It is also about the experience of walking through the mountain forests of the western United States. Slow quiet moments of breathing deep and taking it all in, followed by dizzying joy in dappled light, the scent of pine and earth, and the sound of the wind through the trees - calming, invigorating, restorative.
"Evergreen" is for solo pedal harp and has several meter and pedal changes. Lowest note is F three octaves below middle C, highest is B two octaves above middle C. It is six pages - repeated sections are written out for ease in page turns.

This PDF includes Trista's original cover art, composition notes, 6 pages of music, and a page of blank staff paper.

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